A sarong to suit your lifestyle


“Introducing the world’s first patent-pending sarongs designed with built-in pockets, belts, and many other improvements to suit your active lifestyle” Lovi sarongs are a brand designed in US, found by a Sri Lankan and produced in Sri Lanka. It’s roots from its name and concept resonates from traditional Sri Lankan trends, but many more add-ons are used to make the product innovative and user friendly, which has indeed made the brand a revolution in the fashion industry. Radicalz and Che studio is glad to become a part of their story and we welcome you to take a look at the photo shoot done by Che studios to complement and take the innovative fashion trends of Lovi to the world.

L O V I – #ColomboInStyle – BTS

Sarongs with pockets and belts, designed for movement.LOVI #ColomboInStyle fashion photo shoot with Chē Studio!

Posted by Chē Studio on Monday, 30 October 2017