RADICALZ being a part of an international award-winning campaign

Since the end of the 19th century, Anchor has been a well-known household full cream milk powder brand in Sri Lanka for many decades now and continues to be so in the market, prevailing under its parent company being the Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited. 

DentsuGRANT was the creative agency that connected with us in order to launch the new brand “Anchor Gold”, to face the needs of the future with Fonterra Brands Lanka. 

In their work for this campaign, DentsuGRANT was inspired by the contemporary issues of the recent political arena in Sri Lanka and embarked on the idea of a “Common Candidate”, and adapted its idea to create the teaser campaign “Golden Candidate”, which was executed throughout the use of traditional and digital media with the use of creative messages in print and audio-visual content. 

In this story from brand to creative agency and finally to the creative media production; we as RADICALZ, are most satisfied to involve in producing advertising material for TV and digital media platforms as their creative production agency.

In the recent event of GoaFest, DentsuGRANT was awarded the gold award for Best Use of Integrated Media in South Asia for the Golden Candidate campaign. This win marks our first contribution to an award-winning brand campaign.  

We are aspirant to keep these successful partnerships further in our journey.