Biogas Technology

Radicalz team is passionate to work with causes and organizations who work towards the betterment of the world, and People in Need is one such organization who engaged us for one of their projects; Biogas Project. The project was done affiliation with the European Union, Switchasia and Janathakshan and it was done with the aim of bringing in the biogas technology for sustainable development in Sri Lanka. Bio gas is a concept which has won the attention over the world and it can be of immense use to Sri Lanka as we all can agree upon the fact that Sri Lanka’s waste management system is not a strong one. Through the Biogas technology we can use the same waste to output 2 useful by-products. The project engaged many parties from public to private sector and has provided a livelihood for many while providing an environmentally friendly way of life to many Sri Lankans such as farmers. So Radicalz team of video productions was given the challenge of making a video to showcase the whole project and capture the essence of the project to take its message to the society. Working with project we were able to learn the significance of Biogas, witness the building of technical capacity of biogas systems in Sri Lanka and how we can contribute to change the world we live in. We are thankful for the partners for the insightful experience that we harvested through the project.  We would also like to share the experience with you, so take a look at the video and know how you can also join them to change our country and the world as a whole to a better cleaner one.

Client : People In Need