CHĒ STUDIO captures “dance” as never before

“Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lenses of the camera”.

Yousuf Karsh

In this era of modernity and restless intake of information and the over-use of images and other visual material for advertising and promotional uses, the term and discipline “Photography” ㅡalthough cliché, can be accepted as a hobby, a vocation and an art. 

Different attempts and artworks under the genre of Experimental Photography can be seen and reviewed throughout the world. Skilled photographers use an innovative approach in technique and style with the use of basic photographic elements such as shutter speed, aperture, composition etc to alter the traditional applications of photography. 

This collection of dance photographs possess the element of motion captured in slow shutter speed with use of “Rear Curtain Sync” to freeze the movement of the dancers that the naked eye cannon perceive.   

From the very first glace of this collection of images, the viewer will grasp the idea that this is not a work of an amateur. 

Usually, the motion and activity of “dance” can be experienced as live activity in where we as spectators are there in the presence of the dancers at most times when dancing is done for the sake of the performing arts. 

Instead of such a live experience, here in this collection still images, we are trying to present you the captured motion “as itself”, to show beyond the dance, to convey the feel of motion. 

As it is said, the fact lies in the very surface as well that our renowned chief photographer here at CHĒ STUDIO  Kanishka Madanayake has indeed given both his heart and mind to create some of his profound and innovative photographs in his career. It was a great contribution especially from the two performing artists; Ama Nethmi & Vihanga Rukshan. 

We as CHĒ STUDIO team are aspirant to involve in experimental work such as this through welcoming innovative thought and talent to collaborate with us.