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Why Sri Lanka needs to invest more in early childhood education

Meet Yasuri Chamathka. She's a young girl who lives with her family in #SriLanka and is enrolled in an early childhood development center. She is one lucky student as only 65 percent of Sri Lankan children between 3-5 benefit from an early education program. But now the country is committed to improving #learning for all children in their #EarlyYears:

Gepostet von World Bank Sri Lanka am Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018

As a developing and emerging nation in the world, Sri Lanka has many areas to focus on. World Bank is one of the many international platforms that encourage development of the lives and industries of Sri Lanka. Early Childhood development is a field less talked upon until very recently. But even today, only 65% of Sri Lankan children between 3-5 years benefit from an early education program, even though this is a crucial period for the growth of a child’s skills. Radicalz joined hands with World Bank Sri Lanka to produce a video to promote the early childhood development, allied with the first stand-alone Early Childhood Development Project supported by the World Bank in South Asia. The project funds and supports Early Childhood Development Centers with needs, in many ways from constructions to the trainings of the instructors. It is indeed wonderful to see the developments and positive changes which the project has made for many people, which you also can witness from the video that we have shared here. We are proud and delighted to see our country advancing in many fields, especially in the field of education, which ensures a positive future for our country.