Essence of craft

We meet many designers and shops who advise us to walk on subways imagining that it’s your runway debut. But not often we find good, quality and unique clothes on hangers of those shops, to live our fashion dream. But wait, then here I am going through the portfolio of Essence of Craft recently to find out that there are designers who truly make us live our fashion dream. Their product is quality handmade saris. The best part of the brand is that, their inspiration comes from traditional patterns and the picturesque color combinations of the elements of nature. Ladies, imagine to put on 6 yards of beautiful purple inspired by Manel flowers, blended in style with the lush green.  That’s not something we see everyday

Essence of Craft launched their website recently, and it was done by the Radicalz web designing team. What the team mainly focused on was to deliver a web platform which resonates the simple yet classy concept behind the Essence of Craft. The portfolio of the collection was done by the Che Studios, the photographic wing of Radicalz, with the beautiful model and the face behind the Essence of Craft: Poorna Daundasekara. The Website and the portfolio was finally successfully concluded, so as to give the Essence of Craft a breakthrough entrance to step into the fashion industry of Sri Lanka. Radicalz, as a brand who is passionate about the Sri Lankan fashion industry and its rise towards the international arena, along with our own unique traditional and natural concepts, we are always more than happy to deliver our best service for clients like Essence of Craft.