Once prevention, is not enough!

Whoever we are, we are always born to a family and will be a member of it ever since.

As humans have grown with their experience and capabilities, they have tried to win the external nature while perfecting their beloved interior being their “home”.

Regarding the local scenario, medical terms such as diabetes, strokes, heart-attacks, cancer and allergy are really common words used in our homes among our family members.

We are at times either caught up with physical or other mental illnesses or else victimized by other natural and man-made disasters.

The word “Doctor”, is the most commonly uttered and known occupation to us since our childhood. We have come across various kinds of doctors in our lifetime such as physicians, specialists, cardiologists, therapists, family physicians and etc.


Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity”

― Hippocrates




The Department of Family Medicine of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Jayawardenepura have initiated a public awareness project as a creative media of communication, consisting of 3 promotional  videos, as they celebrate their 25 year anniversary by organizing the “Vedasa Medical Exhibition 2018”.

We as Radicalz (Pvt) Ltd, were able to collaborate with them being the creative hand in creating these visual material that endorse this project.

These videos focuses 3 specific fields of medicine being; Family Medicine or generally known to us as our “family doctor”, Palliative Care and Allergy Awareness. The intention of focusing family medicine is that to raise the serious issue of the very low number of qualified General Practitioners in our villages and towns.

The role of a more qualified family doctor with more broader knowledge of family members, their mental and physical well-being and medical histories should be implemented and ingrained in the local society to meet the health risks at-hand.

Although yet a novel approach in the field of local healthcare, these innovative ideas should take the form of a lifelong practice and should be dispersed in the society through various social media forms that would be more friendly to the public.