Handmade with love

LKR 7,000/-


The Taaya boutique is yet another recently established Sri Lankan brand that personifies the quality and creativity of the handmade Sri Lankan clothing products. Taaya is the sister brand of a well-established brand Kalynda, which is a celebrated as a unique handmade saree producer for over two and half years , among a client base as wide as over hundred.

Following the steps of quality and uniqueness blended with the team’s extreme passion to deliver the best for the clients, Taaya has established their base. Their products are carefully fabricated from the designing, choosing the fabric to delivery, so that the delicacy, grandeur and quality are maintained in each and every product.

Radicalz have always been glad to work with Sri Lankan brands that take unique Sri Lankan products to the modern fashion world. So Radicalz team was responsible for the total brand creation of Taaya and their first photo-shoot  by Chē Studio to introduce their collection. It was a pleasure to work with them and we wish Taaya to keep growing, flourishing and also to add positive colors to the Sri Lankan fashion arena.  We welcome you to take a look at the shades of Taaya captured in the eyes of the Che Studio team, and visit their Facebook Page for more information.

Designer : The Taaya Boutique

Photography by : Kanishka Madanayake , Chē Studio

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Posted by Chē Studio on Tuesday, April 17, 2018