A new “helper” for your kitchen life


Not someone……..but something is here to help you !

It is time to say goodbye to the time you wasted in your kitchen.

The busy you, can spend your precious time with your loved ones more, and this will make them like “Helper” even more!!

Among various home appliances that we use to make our daily work easy and time saving, “Helper”- Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder is a unique machine brought to you by HomeLux, which is capable of making a wide range of food mainly that which includes local cuisine.

With the vision to be the most preferred brand of household products in Sri LankaㄧHomeLux, is a premier product brand that provides and distributes high quality utility items that which are more affordable to you household needs. HomeLux is eligible and responsible to customize their products that suites the popular Sri Lankan market.

HomeLux is a subsidiary of the “Avarna Group” that which have been recognized within the recent years producing home utilities and accessories, products that are aesthetically appealing to many households as well as popular brands such as Arpico, Keells Super & Food City.



“Helper” can really be a helping hand for you in you daily kitchen activities in making our most loved domestic recipes such as Pol Rotti, String Hoppers, Kola Kenda and Pol sambol etc.

This product replaces the traditional equipment in your kitchen such as the blender, the coconut scraper, pestle and the grinding stone and works as a one efficient unit.

So it effectively saves cost and time for you ! This all-in-one user-friendly machine makes your preparations for food easier.

We, being Radicalz (Pvt) Ltd created a collection of product video for HomeLux to promote this unique product.