A social responsibility approach from IFS


IFS is a multinational corporation that provides enterprise software for the manufacturing and distribution of goods, maintain assets and manage service-focused operations. While working in this field and pursuing their goals, IFS has maintained significant efforts on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where they take responsibility for making the world a better place through suitable initiatives. 

It can be considered as a true aspect of the humanity of a company apart from them and their employees’ average business strategies and work, to engage in activities and projects that are most oriented towards developing, re-forming and sustaining the communities among us.

This CSR project was carried out based on the village area of Welusumanapura Sri Lanka. IFS with the help of the local government and villagers, as an initiative of the IFS Foundation, took a  broader approach focusing not only on education but also on the wider community and its basic facilities such as; safer water, toilet facilities and other amenities. The main aspect was villagers access to water in daily life and agriculture.

IFS Sri Lanka is ready to join hands with other IFS companies around the world, their staff and customers to make this a collective effort.

We as Radicalz Video Production team have been usually connected with various businesses and companies in the corporate field throughout our career. IFS collaborated with us in order to convey their message to the international audience to raise funds as well as to acknowledge the public via social media in the form of visual content. But in this case, we have to admit that we as a team who captured the process being there on location, were significantly moved by the ideas and efforts if IFS crew and we were compelled to support more and more to their future CSR projects.

Radicalz Video Production team is thankful to the crew of IFS who are responsible for executing this task and we always depart with good wishes for their future.