Kang’s Kitchen : Korean food well served & captured

Many places for popular food and beverages are been sighted, visited and further reviewed by many citizens from different walks of life.

“Food”; is a major attraction and a topic of public discussion here in the heart of Colombo, even more than it is a necessary need in our everyday lives.

Our place of interest is Kang’s Kitchen, the traditional authentic restaurant where Korean cuisine is the role in play.

This has been the very first Korean food experience for many who dwell in Colombo. Customers have tasted their food and reviewed their experience with compliments.

CHĒ STUDIOS had the opportunity to get our first experience to visit Kang’s Kitchen here in Colombo where original Korean food is served, to take part in food photography and to taste their exquisite dishes while enjoying their most homely service.

The Kang’s Kitchen served us a number of their popular Korean dishes from their menu including; Yakitori BBQ, Tteok-Bokki, Bibimbap and Prawn Kanpungi.