Heroes ‘down to earth’ at SL Comic Con.


A Radical(z) outlook

Comic Con can be perceived as a global event where numerous aspirants who have spent their money, time and resources in re-creating their desire, inspired by a mosaic of superhero personalities, secondary worlds (e.g. Westeros, Hogwarts, Middle Earth) and through which they quench their thirst for the creative-fictitious (as well as factual) supernatural nature that they have been exposed to since childhood from cartoons, comics, graphic novels and movies etc.

The etymology of the word “Geek” suggests the meanings such as; “freaks”, “fools” and “crazy”. Although considered strange and eccentric in taste and approach, the being of “Geeks” has disclosed itself to the local public of Sri Lanka now as a novel and an attractive approach right here in the heart of Colombo as the Lanka Comic Con 2018.


Their extended passion (hence italicized and with a lowercase “p”) to be ‘themselves’ through being ‘someone else’ seems to be an unusual- though- instant attraction as well as a contradiction.


The concepts and labor behind a massive (although yet unnaturally new to us) movement such as the “Comic Con” can be seen to the more conventional eyes as a mere juvenile or an immature and a much eccentric exhibition of desire. This can be the average perception where the commonest “Passions” do subsist (hence with a capitalized P). 


As the idea behind the French flag do remind us; liberty, equality and fraternity, although they impress us more seriously, they can be identified as elements among this brief geek/fan appearances as well.

A strange liberty has obtained its spotlight. Many people from different walks of life has gained time and space to do as he or she pleases. Through the collective effort and social contact, the participants have found a certain status, equalized by their own desire―although they appear to be in various outfits, figures and different faces.

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Posted by Chē Studio on Monday, 27 August 2018


The participants, enthusiasts, artists and vendors use their right to communicate in a more uncommon and a creative fashion.

Finally, such a brief appearance of a social collective as “Comic Con” possesses a quality of an uncanny brotherhood―it has become a novel space for Sri Lankans to experience fraternity in a more modern context.

Further, as a notable specialty in “Comic Con 2018”, we are exposed to a tri-lingual communication environment; where printed publications, discussions and other audio-visual media are expressed in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages.

“This”― is Lanka Comic Con, although a concept and design created beyond the seas of our island, should be concerned by the local public as an event not so unimportant and a commodity that fits the limited space of geek/fanatic state-of-mind and literacy.

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Posted by Chē Studio on Tuesday, 28 August 2018


“We”― being Radicalz (Pvt) Ltd, creating and projecting our ideas and talented commitment in par with our image arts department― Ché Studio, were present there at Trace Expert City, to witness and to enhance our appreciation to this other-passion and to capture and preserve the memories of the participants, their dedication and desires. We produced a collection of photographs and videos that contained the still images of various personalities and the footage of many events that took place on both days including screenings, panel discussions, cosplayer shows etc.

Lanka Comic Con 2018: A quick look back

Thanks for a great time and great memories! See you next year! Special thanks to: Yazmin Yousuf, Decibel.lk The Melomanic Sessions Anime/Manga Addicts – Sri Lanka Anime Open Mic Anim8.lk, AOD, The Banquet Company, ChoKoLAATe – The Ultimate Teen Magazine, Decibel.lk, DSI Samson Group, Pringles Sri Lanka, YES FM Sri Lanka The LARP Guild of Sri Lanka Johann Balasuriya Robin Low Anjana Nishal Dharmasiri, Ranmith Welikala Photography Tai Photography RADICALZ

Posted by Lanka Comic Con on Saturday, 1 September 2018


The cosplayers will have the opportunity to obtain their portraits we captured, as a printed poster courtesy of ANIM8 (Pvt) Ltd.


We, as an emerging partner in the digital media field will be observant and be willing to be there with them to share the quality moments with you.