Lions arise: a unique experience with 361 Degrees


It takes time for people to be moulded to their true capabilities and their own strengths. We are either born with them or we should be trained for it.

The senior and junior employees from different departments functioning at LION Brewery PLC Sri Lanka participated in a motivational training program conducted by 361 Degrees to challenge their own personal fears, limitations and boundaries.  

This was not only a dynamic and a thrilling experience for the employees at LION but was also a season of exposure and education in team building.

Moving through the water bodies of the Habarana jungle and hiking through the village areas of Sigiriya, the participant teams of this program were restless to complete their challenges the 361 Degrees teams planned for them.

Apart from the most challenging events such as Kayaking and Trekking, certain activities in form of games such as Fire Hockey and Mud Volleyball we organized for the teams to participate and compete with other teams and to experience team spirit, victory as well as losses.

As Radicalz (Pvt) Ltd we were able to join this one-of-a-kind series of programs as a creative videography team staying observant behind the cameras to capture the moments of joy, achievement, pride and togetherness of the participant teams for recording the visuals for the collection of 17 motivational team music videos that were post-produced by our creative video editors.

We as an aspirant creative team will preserve the memory of a quality accord that we experienced with LION and 361 Degrees.