Holding hands to serve the humanity

Mother Charitable Foundation is an initiative, which runs in Sri Lanka from 2011.  Their services are based on their ultimate objective of “serving through love”. Their services are dedicated towards the isolated, unprivileged communities in our society. They believe that no one should be deprived of love and care in life. Niduk Piyasa and Pathum Uyana are two most important steps they have taken to fulfill their objective. In these two places, children and adults with special needs are given an opportunity to live life and learn the beauty of the world, just like you and I did when we were children. They are taught life skills and given therapy as well. Most of all they are directed in a path to explore their talents and values. Mother Charitable foundation serves many other disadvantaged communities such as sick, old and poor, through their services.

So Mother charitable Foundation is a journey and a mission, to make this world around us a better place. In 2016, they decide to make a video to tell the world who they are and how they have been spreading love since 2011. Radicalz Video Production was given the privilege to record that story. The video was shot in the 2 institutes and other areas such as Moratuwa, where Mother Charitable Foundation took out their services. The shooting was an unforgettable memory for the team, because it was done among the beautiful smiles of the children and the unprivileged communities. Their essence of natural innocence made it a remarkable memory for us, and a breathtaking video production for the clients.

At the same time, the web platform of Mother Charitable foundation was also given a new face by the Radicalz Web Designing team. The content, interface and all together the outlook was recreated in order to help our clients take their message to the world in an effective manner.

This is why we love our job, we get to reach out to beautiful souls and diverse environments, and that’s is why we make unique creations: because we love our job!