Is “Wedding Photography” overpriced in Sri Lanka?


When was the last time you attended a wedding? The time when you researched for a good photographer, a band for music or anything wedding-related?

There is no doubt that “weddings” are one of the most common events that we all participate in our life and a topic that we all discuss and make decisions upon. 

Not only those who get married but a majority those who participate too, share ideas, trends and concepts to fulfil various expectations regarding a wedding.

But we can make a common observation even here in the local wedding-related creations and industry that the idea of high expenses is a major point of consideration. People who consider a nice wedding as they dream of would usually say that “this is too pricey”….. “that is too expensive”. 

Among many other expensive considerations for a wedding, “wedding photography” is a necessary major concern especially here in Sri Lanka.  

What are the real reasons behind this nature in this industry and the genre of Wedding Photography

If people like wedding photographers are there on a wedding day only for just a few hours, why is this industry so overpriced?

Well, there seems to be a number of important reasons for that;

  1. High-end wedding photographers are individuals with more skills that they have gained throughout their career.
  2. Most packages include high-quality goods such as wedding albums, storybooks etc, in different qualities and varieties. 
  3. Popular wedding photographers are involved in weddings with a considerable number of team members for their work. This is a matter of “labour”.
  4. Many photographers nowadays do specify there work and costs, not only for the wedding day but also in pre-wedding shoots, consultancy, post-production, album design and administrative work. ( Sometimes photographers even charge their clients for raw photos of their wedding day ).
  5. Photographers use a variety of equipment that are highly expensive and of better quality. Which are mostly used for commercial photography purposes. 
  6. The editing and selection of photographs for the wedding album is a more time consuming and cost-effective labour. Many photographers allocate a number of members to carry out this work. ( In case of applying high-end retouching methods to edit photos, this will add more cost to the expense )

These are the fact that we think that are affecting wedding photography, being an expensive business.  But if you have more to add, please do share in the comment section below.

What we should keep in mind is that; this industry is even more expensive in other countries relative to Sri Lanka, e.g; the average cost for a wedding shoot in the United Kingdom is around £1,500 to £2,000.  

But the next thing that we should ask ourselves is; whether it should really be that expensive choice for us?

We as My Wedding Studio would like to take a different approach.

It has been our practice in this wedding photography field that we usually consist maximum of 2 to 3 person team when involving at a wedding day shoot. And yet we have been able to create some really great albums for our clients.

We even have introduced a more cost-friendly package for those who want us to be their wedding photographer

We accept the fact that this industry is overpriced and has a luxury end to it in Sri Lanka, but we also like to approach the clients in a more cost-friendly way.

We use reasonable and quality equipment that are only necessary for the scope of our work. With that, we can prevent the expenses to equipment that are strictly not necessary for wedding photography. 

Here in My Wedding Studio, we finalize the album within a month. (this will be in effect with the level of communication of the clients)

We at all times try to get the maximum use of natural light in shooting. So there won’t be an extra cost for lighting as usual.

Wedding Photography is a costly business. But it is our policy to make it a more reasonable use of creativity and product for the mass clientele.  

It is our thought always to preserve the quality and aesthetics of the weddings that we capture; the candid moments, its art and joy of people, the memory of a lifetime.