Trendsetter in Making ; My Wedding Studio


In a field as competitive as “photography”, we like to encompass the arm of wedding photography as one of the most sensitive forms of art, which holds memories of one of the most beautiful human unions. For the same reason, we started out to differentiate wedding photography and our valuable clientele of wedding photography from commercial photography (Chē Studio), that we embarked on. So, My Wedding Studio has been a challenging and important venture for us at Radicalz, especially because of the importance with which we hold wedding photography. But today, after a period as 5 years from its beginning, we celebrate its success, not only because of the numbers we have achieved but because of the joy and many positive reviews that we constantly receive from our clientele.

This success is a fruit of all the hard work, dedication, and creativity of our photographic team headed by our lead photographer  Kanishka Madanayaka put forward, in the aim of creating Candid, Artistic and Joyful memories for our clients to rejoice on for the rest of their lives.


It is with much happiness that we share these beautiful remarks that our clients have expressed about the service at My Wedding Studio. We are very excited to bring many more new additions to the industry of wedding photography while making timeless sentimental memories to make sure that your happiest day makes you smile for the rest of your life.