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APL Logistics – South Asia

APL Logistics offers a full suite of supply chain services in South Asia and has had offices in India since 1992, Bangladesh since 1987, Sri Lanka since 1992 and Pakistan since 1991. Our offerings in the region include origin services, consolidation, freight management, warehousing and distribution. We are equipped with dedicated industry expertise, including the automotive, retail, apparel, electronics, hi-tech, consumer packaged goods, consumer durables, heavy and industrial equipment sectors. We offer full suite of supply chain services to enable our customers navigate the highly fragmented market and leverage on low-costs sourcing locations, as well as high growth of local demand.Client : APL Logistics

Gepostet von RADICALZ am Donnerstag, 16. März 2017

APL is a multinational logistics solution provider, for companies in the Automotive, Consumer, Industrial and Retail sectors. They have spread their expertise in more than 110 locations in 60 countries, managing 200 logistics facilities covering over 20 million square feet globally. They have their main regional offices and centers in North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, North Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia. The APL South Asian network consists of offices in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. In 2015, they decides to do a promotional and an informative video on their business in the south Asian Regional network.

Radicalz video productions come forward in undertaking this challenging task, of making a corporate video to promote the business activities of a large regional network. Placing the client requirements and understanding the concept they hope to see in the final production, has been priorities for us at Radicalz, since our inception. So we had to shoot in several locations in Sri Lanka, including …. ….., to show the quality, procedures and the expertise of APL for the audience. Several officials of APL were interviewed to provide us with their company values, standards and information. And along with our videos, the videos of APL India, Bangladesh and Pakistan were combined and the Radicalz team successfully produced the APL South Asia corporate video. And what better result would we expect than a happy client, who concludes business with a wave of trust. APL south asia was quite content with the production, and the production is successfully used in many of their promotional campaigns, till today.  Interested to take a look at it?