Your “Digital First Impression” matters!

Think about this…

Any person can meet you and form an initial mental image of you, even for later reference. We simply call this an “impression”.

We live in a “Digital Age”. In this age, we can come across certain facts such as, “there are at least 60 million photos uploaded to Instagram every day, and that, “an average person sees at least 5000 images every day”.

Obviously, in your online digital exposure through various social media, other people will have a “digital first impression” regarding yourself and your life.  

As a fact, we can be sure about one thing; you all are passionate about showing yourselves through “photos”― images of yourself, your travels, events etc.

We can probably be sure that what you use can be a good-looking photo of yourself or an immediate “selfie” that you took.

Now our question is this; if you are a “professional” of a certain field or a career, isn’t it a professional choice to use a more “profession-oriented portrait” for your personal branding purposes?

Can you positively be sure that a photo that you captured in an event such as a party, or a more ordinary looking image of yourself such as a “selfie” could possibly be a serious branding material for your own personal professional branding purposes?

Is your profile photo serious enough to have a firm grip on your professional life? 

You will always gravitate towards communities in social media spaces such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc, that link, share and expose themselves constantly to social media, so that whoever you are you will be able to connect with them, with their careers and standards. Although Facebook (being the most common and popular choice of personal media) is a place where you use to share your personal content, other professionals still can search, find and get to know you there.

You are NOT a person who just lurk through social media, you are an individual with a specific focus in mind. A “career-focused” person.

So our question to you is “why” that you should be having a professional portrait. Based on the usual image promotional content that is there on social media, we can conclude the fact that most of the professionals are not really expressing themselves in their personal profile image.


Portraits By Chē

Let's capture an amazing portrait of you withChē Studio!#PortraitsByChe #SriLanka #Colombo #Portraits

Posted by Chē Studio on Monday, January 14, 2019


We as CHĒ STUDIO don’t think so. Let the #DigitalFirstImpression package lead you through this way for you and your friends and colleagues of your working life.

You have to be recognized by your business associates or co-worker from your place of employment and other working cultures as well so that you will be able to maintain a solid impression on them as well.  

You can use this portrait as a tool for representing yourself in the desired businesses or corporate related communication.

If you haven’t yet given this some thought, it is high time to do so!

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