Radicalz “Excursion”

A glimpse of our annual trip to the wintry hillside.  


As Radicalz (Pvt) Ltd, we are a corporate body that functions as a selected number of talented individuals who are dedicated to express themselves creatively in the field of Creative Production.

So, we cannot fly away from our dreams, we cannot dismiss the expectations of our clients. We should work passionately to complete the end products we promise.

But we as a collective, can experience displacement from our own grounds and be somewhere else to be with ourselves once again by being away from our daily work for a while.

So we organized a trip to to the freezing hill city of Nuwara Eliya.   

We left Colombo on 8th morning and arrived at Nuwara Eliya around 3pm.

Our destination, being The Log― was a well furnished three story log house, situated facing Lake Gregory in the heart of the city.

Almost all the features and installments were wooden and of log material. The common amenities such as free WiFi, restaurant, bar/lounge, kitchenette, room services etc were there already for our use.

The friendly service is a one quality that we were experiencing since the beginning of our presence.

The food and beverage were ready in time of meals and as well as when we required them.  

In this cold environment we hiked the areas around the lake to capture the setting sun behind the hills.

We took our steps outdoor to hangout in places like the surrounding areas of Lake Gregory, the hill grasslands that surround the Ambewela milk factory and the Kande-Ela reservoir and captured the beauty and the most enjoyable of our moments together.

Our time was well spent in friendly remarks, anecdotes and laughter.

On our way home we had time to stop by and to capture the distant waterfalls that are famous here in the region such as; the Devon Falls and the St. Clair’s Falls, being one of the widest of waterfalls and is known to the travelling community as the “little Niagara of Sri Lanka”.


Our team members were able to click their best captures from the locations we were at, from the simple flowers to the wider landscapes.

The photo credits goes to Kanishka Madhanayaka,  Lividul Witharana, Kasun Gihan and Purna Deegodagamage.


This was a great opportunity for us as fellow team members to expose to the outside as well as to ourselves.