Sanitation is more important than Independence



Human life does not exist only to be generated on earth, but also to subsist sustainably by being-with other living and non-living elements of our environment and other introductions that are been invented and installed by humans themselves.

We, as Sri lankans and who especially reside in the urban regions of Colombo, should stick to some level of ethics and awareness that which are oriented towards the better living standards of social and household life.

Urban sanitation is a different scope regarding our view of development. In other words this is a way the world around us perceive the quality and standards of urban development.

Innovations simply means; new ideas, products and methods that are generated to overcome the conventional methods and uses of our living.

Innovations span from a single creative idea such as a smartphone application to mass infrastructure.

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A great deal of innovative quality infrastructure is expected to be implemented. However with the exponential growth of the urban population the greater importance of urban sanitation has also gained its spotlight. Even in Greater Colombo the number of residential areas that have gained access to waste water tanks, piped sewerage systems and onsite septic tanks is not a considerable figure.

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Even those who have the septic tanks should maintain them by emptying (de-sludging) regularly. And the waste sludge should be transported to be disposed or for any other productive use.

This sewerage network of the urban areas should be extended in order to met the challenge of the population growth.

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For this goal to be achieved, the Sri Lankan Government is trying to implement new innovative approaches to combat this issue. A pilot project was launched with the partnership of the World Bank. with a result-based grant form Australia and Sweden, for nearly 9000 households in Central Colombo.

A considerable level of participatory communication approaches and administrative action for development should be implemented and practiced island-wide. This can be catalyzed by the sponsorship and initiatives handled by many government and non-governmental organizations, in this case: The World Bank.


The World Bank is a unique global partnership that was formulated to serve the needs and growth of the developing nations and to reduce their levels of poverty, by carrying that specific mission in mind.


We, as Radicalz (Pvt) Ltd, being a creative corporate body, are attentive and aspirant to join in partnership with such serious initiatives and action plans for there always should be communicators to convey this messages to the public through mass and multimedia forms and to build a platform for them to interact with the stakeholders.