A Mystery in Colombo! Can you solve it?

This message is for those are in the chase of mysteries, the Sherlock Holmes who are good at solving the mysteries. But this is a game for a team of Sherlock Holmes and you all will be offered a mystery to be solved together and on the road to the solution you will encounter many more mysteries as a team that you never thought of. Do you think you and your friends, family or your office colleagues together can beat the challenge? If this sounds exciting The Mystery Bar is the place you should come to. The Mystery Bar is the only live game venue in Colombo. It’s specifically built for conducting team building activities and events. This unique venue in Colombo, with their unique concept and aura was photographed by Che Studios for their marketing purposes and, here are few photos of the photo shoot to give you a gist of the venue. Before you move on, let us remember you that the ultimate mystery is one’s own self! .www.mystery.lk

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Photography by Chē Studio