Is saying “thank you” really enough?

Let us think about “gratitude”.

We all know the phrase “Thank You”. It is one of the most commonly used ones in the English language.

Thanking someone is a way of expressing our gratitude towards others verbally.

But do we really mean it? Do we really use it purposefully, with all heart and mind?

People communicate in various forms; verbally and nonverbally. In words and actions. The happiness of our hearts once expressed, creates a positive vibe in the society around us.

There are special ways to express our thankfulness for others. There are various things that you can follow as simple habits to cultivate being thankful.

It is time to think back on what we can do to be thankful:

We can simply “remember” the good that others have done to us. In this way, we can keep the good memories of others.

We can “change our language” so that we can speak the right words that give the right meaning that in return would express the thankfulness of our hearts.

Write thank you letters/cards. This is not a time-consuming habit. We can simply write down our gratitude to other’s good deeds that we appreciate the most and share our thoughts about them.

Making gifts is another way to really “show” how much we care about others relation and how good we appreciate other’s company.

Pray. This is a way of thanking the forces that you believe that helps you, your spiritual guidance.

We must never be silent regarding gratitude. We should always “express your happiness” of being thankful for others.

Spend some time with those who you are thankful for something. We can consider this as an act of dedication.

These are simple but powerful ways of being grateful for others in an effective way. In times like these, when we closely interact with others through social media we cannot complain that we have less time to actually think of others, to extend our gratitude not only by words but also in action.

As we did last year, we have created the #ThankingYou2019 event so that you can participate through Facebook by mentioning friends who made your year significant to you.

You have to tag 10 friends and add a caption by thanking them all for making your life and this year significant and post it on our Facebook event “Thanking You 2019”.

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Posted by CHĒ STUDIO on Monday, December 16, 2019


We as CHĒ STUDIO spend this year-end festive season to be thankful and to celebrate the good relations that we had with you all for the past 7 years.