The Embazzy : house of multi-cuisine

All the ‘foodies’ out there, where do you wanna go?

That’s what The Embazzy asks from you.

You get the opportunity to have a sense of travel around the world, through experiencing the menu that The Embazzy presents to you.

In times where coffee shops and restaurants are clichés, The Embazzy offers you an unmatched level of good taste and global dining experience.

Our sense of tastes is different, which come in various quantities and forms. In this case; dishes and menus. This is the place where a variety of dishes, tastes and preferences are all served under one roof.

For many, it is a cosy coffee shop while for others it’s an amazing dining experience.

The Embazzy has been an attraction among those who dwell in the heart of Colombo for serving delicious food, from their etrées to drinks, appetizers, mains and deserts.

This house of multi-cuisine welcomes you to be the passenger in the journey of tastes of food, travel and life.

CHĒ STUDIO was there at The Embazzy to capture the variety of taste and texture of their most favourite servings that was perfect in taste as well as our collection of photographs.

Apart from enjoying your food, you’ll get the chance to spend your time competing with friends in two of our favourite gaming consoles; XBOX and PS4. The Embazzy offers you to book rooms for special events such as birthday parties too.