Saluting the unsung heroes behind the wheels

Saluting the unsung heroes behind the wheels,  “Trucker’s Day” with Fuso Sri Lanka

Fuso Sri Lanka, a renowned truck brand lead by United Motors Lanka Group decided to celebrate the Trucker’s Day 2018 by creating a video to salute the Sri Lankan Truckers’ hard work and dedication to their job, which is very important for the development of our country. Radicalz team is humbly honored to make this video, since we are always happy to promote and celebrate every Sri Lankan who drives the country forward. It was a great experience to meet these amazing people behind the wheels of a truck, working day and night, and to hear their stories, happiness and everyday challenges to enrich their families and fulfill their duties to the country. We thank and salute them for their role in the development of our country.

Agency : Tag 3.0 Consultants

Client  :  FUSO – SRI LANKA

මෙම “ෆුසෝ ජාත්‍යන්තර ට්‍රක් රථ රියදුරු දිනයෙදී” රටේ සංවර්ධනයට දිවා රෑ නොබලා වෙහෙසෙන සියලු ට්‍රක් රථ පදවන ඔබ‍ට අපගේ ආචාරය.